The family systems theory consists of ecological systems (Payne, 2002).  The focus of this theory is how individuals act within their environment.  Individuals are in continual transaction with their environment. Individuals exist within families, i.e. children and parents. Families exist within communities. Individuals, families, and communities exist in a political, cultural, and economic environment. The environment impacts read more

Throughout most of history the majority of education has been dedicated to improving one's life and making a living. Apprenticeships were common way of doing this and many famous Americans in our early history as a nation gained their education by being apprenticed to someone with a marketable trade. This pragmatic view of education was read more

Leadership is known as the art of influencing others (Manning & Curtis, 2012). This is an important trait of the human services leader.  According to Bass (1990), leadership is an exercise of influencing the people in a group context.  The author also added that there are three ways available for a person if he wants to be read more

Social dilemmas are instances where collective interests are at odds with private interests. These circumstances happen when faced with prioritizing either short-term self-centered interests or the long-term interests of a group, organization, or society. Disagreement and conflict arise when reasons about the group are overwhelmed and/or weakened by individual motives. When this happens, others need read more

Mental illness stigma is a significant cause of poor adjustment in society.  The stigma associated with serious mental illness (SMI) is an issue resulting in many barriers. A thorough synthesis of available literature on the topic reveals how much the researchers strive to find solutions to this problem.  However, those who are affected by mental read more

I was recently provided with an opportunity to ponder something "funny" regarding research.  Funny?  Research?   Yes, a past professor asked us to share "side effects" of research.  Here is what he shared with us. The phrase "statistics proves" doesn't have the feel of certainty that in once did. You feel less confident that the read more