Child abuse, unfortunately, comes in many forms.  It has been noted that most cases of child abuse have been reported haven taken place in the home of the child, which we can verify via history.  That is not to say, however, that they do not take place in child institutional-like settings, i.e. school, churches, childcare read more

Solution-Focused Approach.  In a solution-focused approach, the therapist is seeking positive exceptions or differences to a specific problem situation.  Thus, the client in the therapeutic session is focused on working towards a goal.  As the therapist and client are focused on a goal and positive outcomes, the information from the session will lead to change read more

Learning and memory rely on each other so greatly that it is very difficult to imagine memories forming without the process of learning.  Although there are many possibilities concerning the alteration of memories via scientific induction, with what do you induce in an organism?  For example, what is the nature of the memory?  If you read more

There is a prevailing stigma attached to the idea, which is surrounded by homophobia and that plays a large part in the child's emotional well-being.  There has been considerable debate regarding the impact of parental sexual orientation on a child's development, which plays a large part in court, adoption related systems, foster care, school systems read more

The family systems theory consists of ecological systems (Payne, 2002).  The focus of this theory is how individuals act within their environment.  Individuals are in continual transaction with their environment. Individuals exist within families, i.e. children and parents. Families exist within communities. Individuals, families, and communities exist in a political, cultural, and economic environment. The environment impacts read more

Throughout most of history the majority of education has been dedicated to improving one's life and making a living. Apprenticeships were common way of doing this and many famous Americans in our early history as a nation gained their education by being apprenticed to someone with a marketable trade. This pragmatic view of education was read more